Statue, Classical Lady


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This classical lady sculpture beautifully reproduces “The Spinner” by Rudolph Schadow’s (1786-1822). She is sold individually as a lovely sculpture, or purchase a couple to make fabulous bookends. Made in South West England and cast in gypsum plaster.

Rudolph Schadow’s classical lady sculpture depicts a young girl spinning. This was especially popular among those visiting Rome on their “Grand Tour” in the early 1800’s. He was a German born sculptor, who travelled to Italy at the tender age of 10 to begin his artistic education, his style being greatly influenced by the work of Antonio Canova and Bertel Thorvaldsen. During the years of the Grand Tour before mass tourism took hold, people would collect unusual and exceptional pieces of art and craftsmanship that were not common in their own cultures, in order to portray their intellect, worldliness, wealth and standing. This Classical Lady is the perfect gift for today’s modern traveller, as well as a fabulous addition to any interior.

Dimensions: 23cm H x 11.5cm W x 9cm D

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