Premium Quality Reindeer Hides


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These thick and luxurious premium quality Reindeer hides look beautiful indoors thrown over a sofa for extra comfort, or used as a rug to create a welcoming interior. Also wonderful for summer entertaining over a chair especially when it starts to cool down into the evening. Each hide is unique and the hollow hair means that they are perfect for heat efficiency.

Our hides are ethically sourced from the fells of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Amazingly there are still indigenous nomadic Sami people who still rely on reindeer as their main way of life. They provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Their existence make Reindeer Hides an Eco-Friendly and sustainable product.

These premium quality Reindeer Hides are harvested then salted in the Sami villages. Then EU Certified abattoir and tanned in the finest modern tannery of its kind, with years of experience. They are premium quality graded as there is no evidence of shedding, holes, or insect scarring and the hair is good quality.

Dimensions: 70-80cm x 100-120cm

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