Plaques Pair of Night and Day


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Beautifully made pair of plaques depicting Night & Day. Cast in gypsum plaster and made in South West England.

Night floats over the sky, her eyes closed as are the eyes of the children in her embrace. Her hair is braided with poppies, for their sleep inducing capacities, which has been know since the antiquity. Day flies across the sky with her head held high. She looks over her shoulder and fixes her gaze on the small torch-bearing boy proudly symbolising the light and sun

The pair of plaques showing Night and Day are a replica of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s (1770 – 1844) Night & Day Roundels representing the two halves of the day. He lived in Rome for many years where he became one of the most important European representatives of Neo-Classical sculptural art.

Dimensions: 15cm diam. x 1.5 D

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