Bookends, Telephone & Postbox


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Detailed scale replicas of two of Britains most iconic symbols, the telephone box and postbox modelled as these fabulous bookends.

The cast iron red telephone box was originally designed by Giles Gilbert Scott for a competition in 1924. This model is a replica his winning entry, the K2 Design. The characteristic dome is borrowed from Sir John Soane’s tomb in London St Pancreas churchyard. The shape is called a Soanian Dome. The postbox is a model of the original cast iron post boxes during the reign of Queen Victoria. Post boxes always carry an insignia or cipher of the reigning monarch at the time of installation. There are 365 design variations since the first postbox was installed in 1852 in the Chanel Islands.

These Telephone and postbox bookends are beautifully crafted in Bath by Timothy Richards using traditional skills and working entirely with British materials. Timothy Richards makes architectural models in plaster, using techniques dating back to Fouquet who worked in Paris between 1780 and 1830. The quality and craftsmanship of his work is outstanding, an antique of the future. Indeed he has built a large network of collectors over the last 25 years.


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