Antique Toleware Tray with Hand Painted Floral Design, Signed



A stunning example of an antique toleware tray, beautifully hand painted and signed in the “one stroke” technique with a floral design typical of the 1920-30’s. The floral spray is set on a black craquelure background with a pierced gallery and lovely rolled edges. The underside is covered in its original mustard felt fabric.

Toleware comes from the French “tole peinte” (painted metal). After Japan stopped trading with Europe in the 1600s, Britain no longer had access to the lovely toleware pieces and so started “Japanning” using oil paint and gesso. There is a lot of reproduction toleware on the market, but if looking for a genuine piece there are certain characteristics to look out for: Genuine toleware remains bold and bright; all toleware is painted on metal; older pieces are often made with more than one piece of metal, whereas newer pieces are often made from a single sheet; look out for rolled edges and soldered corners, straight edges mean the piece is newer than the 1950s; examine the piece for “one stroke” painting – a brush is loaded with one or more colours and applied to the metal in a single stroke, quickly creating shading and depth. It’s a highly skilled technique; be suspicious of varnish.

Dimensions: 45cm x 34cm x 4cm

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 34 × 4 cm