Gloucestershire Townhouse

A handsome Georgian Townhouse which was looking very tired, lacking in storage space, and the original kitchen was badly thought out. Our client was keen to create a space that was light and maximised all available space with clever storage solutions. A bespoke kitchen was designed with cabinetry, including a larder cupboard, to maximise storage in the available space, whilst at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. A faux chimney housed the newly installed Rayburn, and an otherwise dead space under the units was used for a dog bed. Boot room cabinetry was required to tidily store the multitude of coats and wellies, but without encroaching too much on what was already a narrow space. A partition wall was removed and we designed the cabinetry to fit in the space, the back appearing as the hallway wall. To maximise space in the attic bedrooms, beds were designed and built into the eaves, and another room created from an upstairs study, knocking the ceiling out and designing a bunk style space.

Lighting Projects